Tapped Out, Best Strategy To Play

With the emergence of the smartphones in the market, the two giants of computer and internet, Google and Apple launched their smartphone platforms and the very interesting app stores. Google introduced PlayStore and Apple Inc introduced Appstore. The best things about these application stores are that a lot of applications and games are available for free download. If you are a game lover then you can download very high quality games from the android as well as Apple stores. These two giants compete with each other with their technology game development and various other things. However games have always been a chart buster when it comes to popularity.

Mobile games rule a large part of the market nowadays and positive reviews make them popular. While you can get a lot games for free, but the best ones come with a price tag and it is definitely worth paying that price because you get to play some of the most technically advanced high end games to play on your mobile device. One such game Simpsons: Tapped Out has become very popular and a huge hit for the iPhone users. This is a highly recommended game for the users of iPhone as it requires great strategies to play. So, you would need to know the Simpsons: Tapped Out best strategy to play this game. I don’t recommend to use hack or cheats tools like this.

To find out the best strategy you may look up the various reviews available online about the game. You will be able to find game guides that would help you understand and play the game like a champion. So, if you are planning to collect more donuts and buy the best house then you would need guidance and great practice to go up the levels. The tips and tricks of the game will enthral you and hook you up for hours.

Android games on the other hand also have some of the best games that involve tricky strategies and game plans to win. The game like Dragon Flight is a very popular game for the Android users. It requires great strategies to move up the level and win the game. If you are using an android phone and wish to download a game, then it would be a good idea to look up for the review for that game. The reviews would also help you understand the theme of the game and how to play it properly.

Both Apple and Android games gives you the best thrill to play and move up the level achieving points and other goodies. All these games are designed to tickle your brain and bring out the best planning strategy in you. Android and iOS game review will help you understand the nature of these games and help you play them like a winner. So, whether you are playing the Simpsons: Tapped Out or Dragon Flight, you will be mesmerized with the high end graphics and be tickled to perform at your best to build up strategies and plan to win them at every level.

Few words about Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Hey gamers! Beamdog is back with the enhanced edition of the widely loved RPG, Icewind Dale. If you are not at all excited about this news then you must be because this enhanced edition of the game brings new toys along with it. This game features quests which the player needs to complete in order to get on to the next level but they must not expect to clear with just one sitting. With few words about Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, we will here talk about its new features and how it is played.

No doubt that this game and its game play is really difficult as it is a slow affair and users need to take sufficient amount of rest in between their fight levels in order to get recharge spells as well as get healed up for upcoming serious fights. Resting in between the fights is even one of the most effective ways to attract your enemies. We would like to recommend you that before starting with the game; you must enable the auto-game pausing from the options because with enabling the same you will be wasting your time in reloading the game just after losing your party members.

Playing this game gives the user an epic feel because of its broadening scope in terms of its quests as well as the danger which the heroes face while fighting with the enemies. This particular feeling is unique and we would like to say that you will not feel the same I while playing other contemporary games. If you are new to this game, then we would like to advise you to lower down the difficulty level in the enhanced edition of Icewind Dale which will eventually help you in building up of the competent group.


This game begins with 6 major adventurers who are sitting around the table and suddenly a stranger approaches them while going for a quest. This particular game is developed just like good old role-playing games in the past and is one of the best infinity engine games which every user would love to play. With enhanced edition, there is a little of improvement as it adds a touch of the content which is being cut as well as even allow the player to import wide variety of equipments which are being used while fighting with enemies. Now, it has also the ability for skipping the dialogue along with a tool of loot-finder which is quite essential and a zoom which helps the player in experiencing the beautiful backgrounds more closely.

Ice wind dale enhanced edition screenshot

Furthermore, with an enhanced edition of Icewind Dale this game is also equipped with cross-platform multiplayer mode which helps the player in playing the game along with their friends using their own tablets or smartphones. this game is mostly about killing your enemies through various tough battles which really require your character management as well as deliberate planning. This edition is not payable like its original one which was completely payable.

Are you seeking out to update Icewind Dale on your devices with its enhanced edition? Don’t just wait, download and get the real experience.

A few favourite iOS games


Looking for a great iOS game to download? With so many games on the market it can be hard to choose. Try one of these top iOS games to ward off the winter blues.


Republique is tense game that puts in you in control of leading the girl, Hope, her way out of the prison. You guide Hope to the safety using a fixed camera system. You and Hope will run into enemies and you must instruct her on how to move ahead without getting caught by enemy patrols.

For a racing game that really gets your engines revving try Asphalt 8: Airborne. Asphalt 8 emulates the feel of a racing game on a mobile device better than most other iOS games and offers more than 150 races for you to enjoy.

There is little not to love about the simple chopping of fruit and Fruit Ninja has proved to be one of the best time killers on the iOS market. Swipe across the screen and your blade cuts through an assortment of fruit. The challenge is coming in with your unique slashing style.

In Knightmare Tower, a high flying jumping game, players are rewarded for strategy and reflex speed. Gamers play as a knight who is trying to jump to the top of a tower. The little hero faces a number of monsters trying to stop him, but with new abilities showing up to help him fly higher and attacks stronger they’re little problem.

Raising the level of visual delight in iOS gaming, Infinity Blade III is a swipe-and-tap battle game well suited for console gamers who are looking for a game to play on their mobile device. With a deep story line, crafting, and skill perks, this game mirrors classic RPG games. It’s not a game for the casual player. Instead it will test your perception and reflexes.

For the more casual player, Super Hexagon is perfect. The player dodges a number of geometric shapes flying towards the center of the screen. Not only do the shapes speed up but they also move to the beat of music playing in the background. It’s a great game to increase eye-hand coordination.

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