About me

Hello and welcome to Jobblogs.cc –a blog meant for employment searching individuals to enable them to sharpen their wits!

My name is Jacob Miller, head of recruitment at X.YG Company. I am also a part-time blogger yearning to equip those willing to get employment with the necessary knowledge that I deem crucial during job seeking.

Progress from Leisure all through to Profession

From as early as 1998, I have enjoyed reading blogs of all nature; it sounds crazy isn’t it? Rarely would a day without me wondering, where that time to create and keep a blog going come from. Believe I could not figure it out; see the irony? I would encounter certain phrases common in blog pages and ask myself, is this guy serious? How do you sell what people already know?

In the year 2013, a blog on how to convert leisure from a time-wasting mechanism to doing something constructive sent my mind tingling. So for all this time, I have been idle. I decided to act, but how was the hard question to find an answer to. By the following day, I had decided to start a blog page. To make it count I decided to stay in my line of profession and give hope to hopeless and clue to those clueless!

To sum it all and save you time knowing me;

I am curious and passionate about work with dissatisfaction at the slightest error. I started my career at No-jobs Company as an intern and later offered an opportunity to serve as the Human Resources assistant. I assisted the company to create a daily routine register that helped in identifying the most resourceful employees and was crowned staff of the year!

An opportunity arose at X.YG Company, and I applied successfully. I have been able to establish a concise employee workbook enabling the Company to clench Best Welfare Awards for seven years consecutively! I like networking, and for that, I am active when it comes to working in teams.

When I am not going through a budget of application letters or on the screen evaluating an avalanche of emails; you will find me at the museum, swimming pool, reading novels and journals. If I am not doing any of those, then am blogging.