The future of the translation business worldwide 

Translation has evolved so much over the past decade, and technology has played a big part in this. Obviously, new advances in tech have changed fundamentally all aspects of the world, at a rate that nobody could have ever predicted. Of course, the translation business wasn’t going to be missed out. Already, linguists have now […]

3 leadership styles and effective teamwork

The autocratic leadership style dictates that the team leader makes the decisions alone and convey them to the subordinates to work within the scope of the communicated decisions. Adopting an autocratic leadership means that there is an assumption of authoritative management and full control of the operations of the team. This style is likely to […]

Wal-Mart Company: Fruitguys strategy

The fruitguys strategy was developed by Chris the CEO whose plan was to enable sustainability that involves economic reality to enable a business to grow successfully and not focus on one location. Chris believed the strategy would allow him to own the location, control the aspects of business development, and employees are taking responsibility by […]