Good Old Networking

Networking is a process which fosters the exchange of useful information and ideas among individuals or groups that share a common interest. As a professional in a specified field, one should identify contacts to build mutually beneficial relationships and make follow-ups to nurture the potential for continued engagement and interaction. In recent times, the emergence […]

Realistic Job Previews Advantages

Realistic job previews offer potential candidates the chance to assess preferred vacancies. These previews provide a job description and offer employers an opportunity to examine the individuals they intend to hire. The arguments in the following passages will give a realistic job preview of potential candidates applying for a position with a multinational certification company […]

Eight Ways to Pass the Job Interview When You’re A Shy Seeker

Being shy has the potential to hurt your chances of getting a job especially if it holds you back from letting an employer know that you are qualified for the job and you have experience. Whether you are shy or not, you can develop interview techniques and social skills that will Interview enable you to […]