Communication involves getting in touch with people who have shared something of interest to you. Criticizing negatively or positively helps in fine-tuning the people mind and is very healthy in blogging. Therefore, taking time to contact bloggers promotes our esteem.

Why Contact Jacob Miller?

Miller’s blog is the type you do not want to miss. Imagine having an interview due in a day or two, or even in a week’s time. Finding a blog that discusses how certain companies treat their employees or even tips on how to answer interview questions is all you want. Luckily it is one of Jacob Miller in his page. What is the next step?

It is simple. Contact Jacob Miller using my email address, twitter handle or even via Instagram. By contacting me, the following are possible;

  • Receiving a video that was not uploaded on the blog page and contains live coaching on the subject of your interest
  • Receiving a newsletter with an updated list of interview possible questions and the pros and cons during an interview
  • Getting a piece of advice about job profile of the position
  • Provide guidance on the appropriate dressing code for the meeting.

By making contact with me, benefits are overwhelming. In the future, I may come across an opportunity that matches your skills and remember the conversation. Feedback encourages bloggers to remain on the game since we now know that we have an audience.

Do your math; keep in touch and be on the gaining side!