Eight Ways to Pass the Job Interview When You’re A Shy Seeker

Eight Ways to Pass the Job Interview When You’re A Shy Seeker

Being shy has the potential to hurt your chances of getting a job especially if it holds you back from letting an employer know that you are qualified for the job and you have experience.

Whether you are shy or not, you can develop interview techniques and social skills that will Interview enable you to nail that interview.

Interviewers do care how you present yourself. Show the interviewer that you feel okay interacting with them and meeting them.

This post highlights:

  • Be Yourself

Do not apologize for who you are. Work with your strong points and get to understand them well so that they can be the only thing you are thinking of in the interview room. You may require to be comfortable in specific settings. Being shy puts you in a sensitive situation. You may feel uncomfortable, but you can condition yourself to function appropriately with them


  • Do Not Argue for Your Limitations or Defend Yourself

Introverts are usually hard on themselves while trying to analyze very moment and being extra sensitive about mistakes they made. Before an interview, do not be too hard on yourself. Avoid being over – analytic of the situation and focusing on those moments that usually make you fawn.


  • Practice

By adequately practicing for the job interview, you can feel more confident when facing the interviewer. You become less stressed about your interview performance when you practice for the meeting. You can try answering mock interview questions by being coached by friends or family or in front of a mirror. If job interviews make you nervous, make a point of practicing how to relax.

Do breathing exercises for a couple of minutes just before the interview. Take a deep breath until you are relaxed.


  • Promote Yourself


Use your strong points to sell yourself during the interview. Show the potential what you are likely to bring to the position. Get into the interview ready to share details about yourself that the potential employer would be interested in.

Talk about the things you have done exceptionally well over the years. You could refer to experiences that show the employer you are capable of doing the things the position demands.  If the interviewer wants you to describe yourself, point out that you are a keen listener who is opening to hearing other people’s opinions before you give your input on a matter.


  • Be Inquisitive

When you go to an interview, get ready to ask questions when it is your turn to talk. That shows that your interest in the job. Research before the interview on relevant questions you can ask during the interview. That way you will have a good idea of what the position is all about.  Employers are searching for employees with self-confidence. Before you can convince your potential employer of what you can offer, you must believe in what you can do. Part of that belief is in being curious and wanting to be knowledgeable about the kind of work you will be involved in at the company.

  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation

The world can be a little stressful for shy people. You need to do some detox in health. Since it is reasonable to experience anxiety and mindfulness meditation has been proven to be an excellent way to handle that stress. A few minutes of mindfulness breathing will be beneficial before an interview.


  • Follow Up The Interview With a Thank You Message

Choose very words carefully when expressing gratitude after an interview. Be specific about the issues you want to clarify in your message. In the thank you note to remember to emphasize on the connection between you and the position you interviewed for, what you learned from the interview and interview and how you are looking forward looking forward to the opportunity to work for their firm.


  • Think Positive

Being shy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go into an interview room without feeling confident. Sometimes you may not feel comfortable during the interviews, but you should pose as if you are. A positive attitude could improve your chances of success in an interview.  Do not panic in case you find yourself in a group interview. Just maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Take note of everyone in the interviewing panel. You could smile at them to create a positive impression. Take mental notes that these people are interested in what you have to say.


Summarily, being timid shouldn’t get in your way during an interview. Using these tips and many more you could think, you could thrust your chances of nailing an interview.


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