Hidden Dangers of Precarious Work

Hidden Dangers of Precarious Work

Have you been to a low paying job or a job that has not given you an employment status or you have signed contract that is binding to secure your position?  Even so, the job could be paying a manageable amount of money but ends up defying most of your rights as an employee. For instance, you are not going for leaves. Whatever the employment is doing is all just against the government and labor regulatory organizations of the country, state, region or province. Most of us never actually complain about it, but this is what we refer to as precarious work.

Precarious worker often has no choice of their pay; there is no actual form of negotiation to allow for an increase or working hours. All one does is do the job for long hours and get a fixed pay. Most of the people vulnerable to precarious work are usually less or without training on the job, lack basic business or information technology skills. On employment, the organization can choose never to give you any contract, benefits, name them. Most times these employees could end up being injured, and since they are not tied to the organization in any way, the organization can choose to ignore them.

Sometimes one can be employed by a given organization and is offered to another agency. Then at the end of it, either organization choose to violate employee rights

Over the years, labor organizations, regulations and activists have tried to fight precarious works and organizations.  Precarious jobs could be paying but whatever they do is below the national minimum wage; such could mean the money can never render the employee any security.

There are many ways in which precarious work can be demonstrated as a bad thing; these ways are outright dangerous. We are happy to talk about them and ensured you are well informed before you get to the point of no or difficult return.

Why is precarious work a bad thing

It all does not seem good at all; the truth is that faith can never get you out of such trouble. It is good to learn that being a precarious worker does not only break you but also kills you in all ways possible. Just so you know, you need to wake up because it is all dangerous, being aware of what it is that precarious working can do to your life is the first step towards detecting and getting away from the trap of precarious job. The dangers are as follows:

Work that will never make you a life

I know of people who have worked for many years that have never talked to their bosses about what they feel about the job. They have no contracts that bind them to their jobs. Working is one thing and making your life better from the work you are doing is another thing altogether. Remember by working you have the needs that you want to cater for. All the same, if they are not your needs, there is a family that looks up to you. Precarious working puts you in the position of never going to make it life. Walk away because you could be getting into long-term in-work poverty. Who wants that?

No permanent place of shelter

If your pay is below the National Minimum Wage then when will you have a house, better still a home. Payment below NMW means you cannot sustain yourself. You cannot forego meals and expect to save something for a small house. Moreover, rent will always be a problem if you are experiencing low pay. Some people can afford the space you are living it a delay could mean the house gets locked, your little or no assets confiscated, the next thing you know you are crushing in someone else’s place or even out in the streets. Sad it is!

You will lose grip on society

Precarious working could mean more working hours due to less pay. The point is you are trying to ensure you will get enough by doing over time but you are missing out on something. After a busy day, getting back home or going out with responsible friends is the best thing you can do with yourself. They enlighten you, guide you, make you happy and support you in your worst moments. The moment you get busy, the circle moves further away, even with a little break no one is interested. Then your only friend is work.

Punishment by authorities

Countries depend on their citizens for a lot, most of all taxes. The building of a nation together philosophy of a state could land you in trouble. In the UK, you have to prove worker status. If you are not in any designation or listed as a member of a given organization and earning money as cash to hand, you are a tax evader, and you could quickly be banned from re-entering for two years.

Precarious working is not the best choice for anyone, get up and looking for something else to do, something that can or guarantees job security, good pay and a good family.

By now you are aware of the dangerous of precarious, you can identify  precarious work and what can be done.If you are in such  a position you know exactly what to do.


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