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When you search for a writing job online, it feels like every offer is about content writing for blogs. However, if you look at the more complicated applications, you’ll see that there are easy and fun jobs that can utilize your great writing skills while earning you more money.

  1. Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading is usually paid per project and not per word like writing. The cost of this service depends on your skill and innate creativity. Also, the more you do this job, the faster you can work. This means more work in less time. Lastly, the cost of your services increases as your experience increases as well.

This type of work also covers all business industries and types of literature. The price of your services will differ based on media as well. You may be tasked to edit magazine articles, books, blogs, website copies, and so much more.

  1. Social Media

Being a social media manager is a two-role job. Not only are do you need to source or create images and graphics, but you also need to write the captions that reel in followers and subscribers.

Social media work may not be considered important for inexperienced business owners, however, it’s a highly coveted role for many budding new businesses. Even if you write 50 words, the value of your work increases the value of the company, its products, and its services as well.

  1. Website

Some may think that web developers offer expert copywriting services, but some companies do not have great writers like you. Usually, companies also look for website copywriters who take care of the content in all of their pages. This will include the home page, the sales page, the product and service descriptions, as well as accompanying pages like privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Also, website copywriting is more expensive than blog writing. The content of a site determines its future value. So anything you write may be worth hundreds of dollars or even thousands more. However, before you offer copywriting services, you must study sales, advertising, and a little bit of media psychology as well.

  1. Sales

Sales copies usually include press releases, landing pages, product promotions, sales letters, and more. Sales copies can be expensive as well if you have the right contract. Sales means more income for your client. The rate of your sales copy usually reflects the content’s ability to convert readers into buyers or subscribers.

  1. Submissions

Submissions can include features in magazines, blogs, books, news outlets, and more. Submissions usually have a fixed rate that you could negotiate. Some submissions start at as little as $50 up to $3000. You just need to find the right topic, write passionately about it, and submit it hoping an editor will love it.

Even after you submit your piece, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done after. Editors usually don’t publish the first draft or the second. You can expect to revise and revise until it’s perfect for publication. It is important to sign a contract for freelance work, but more so with submissions. Publications don’t pay immediately, so you need to have a set date of payment and number of revisions in your contract. You may have to wait for a few months before you see your pay as well.

  1. Contests

Contests may seem risky because you might not see any payment at all. However, if you do win, you get more than just cash. Contests also include promotions, a shining byline, and your name on some of the most renowned publications online and offline.

When joining a contest, you should treat it as a regular job so that you can do your best and give it your all. Contents are for finding the best of the best, right? Lastly, even if you don’t win, never give up. Keep joining writing contests until you win and win again. The more you write, the better you will get.

  1. Academic Writing

Many students look for help when writing essays. However, when one of them says write my essay for me, you can do something better for them. Help them learn how to write their essays. Show them what kind of essays you can write and let them use those as reference for their own work. Because this is an academic writing assignment, the demand is high and the work is great for your own career. You learn about new subjects and you help a student learn how to write a great essay as well.


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