Realistic Job Previews Advantages

Realistic Job Previews Advantages

Realistic job previews offer potential candidates the chance to assess preferred vacancies. These previews provide a job description and offer employers an opportunity to examine the individuals they intend to hire. The arguments in the following passages will give a realistic job preview of potential candidates applying for a position with a multinational certification company as discussed below.

How position contribute to success of the organization

The position I am applying for contributes to the success of the company in different ways. First, it will enable me as an individual offer my expert services as a field officer. My efforts will ensure that I offer timely delivery of task. According to Stephanie Pane Haden, it will also result in improved service delivery to the clients by giving accurate reports. Finally, the heightened relation with the customers shall enhance the brand image, attract new clients, and maintain customer loyalty.

Subtle challenges in this position

The position is lucrative but also has some challenges since it involves traveling. Having finished my education recently, I have not had the opportunity to train with an accredited driving school to get a driving license. For that matter, the company may employ a driver to take me to field trips. However, once I get my license, I will be able to drive myself to various destinations and reduce some unwanted costs for the company. The other challenge may entail weather or environmental changes. However, I am highly flexible to learn and embrace transformations.

Unique challenge that a candidate foresees with the position

In a male dominated world, it is not easy to have female thrive compared to the counterparts of the opposite sex. My gender might be a unique challenge in the job description. There is a possibility of sexual harassment by perverted clients or workmates who view female workers as objects to gratify their sexual fantasies. On the same point, security issues are also a concern especially when I travel to a conflict-prone or insecure location. Nevertheless, I am prepared to excel and would do my best to avoid compromising situations as best as possible.

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