Why I Created this Blog

Ask people why they did set out to do what they do. Their answer will tell that there has got to be a reason to justify their actions. There is a reason as to why you are on this page. Whether to gain knowledge about something, passing the time or even trying to look for news, believe me; the reason is valid.

Spending time trying to reach out to people you do not know is incredible. Blogging enhances and widens the chances of meeting millions of people In search of what to share. I have enjoyed meeting new people every day online and the experience thrills.

Starting this blog had a purpose. What surprises me is that I keep on finding new reasons to keep the blogging day in day out.

  1. Authority

I wanted to feel superior in offering support to those wishing to hire or get hired. I could only achieve this by having an online platform to get the chance.

  1. To organize our thoughts

Having a network of different heads of recruitment is not enough. Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. Writing helps in arranging one’s beliefs. To write a good blog post requires time to be able to compile and separate facts from rumors. Blogging was the answer to learn how to organize thoughts I have gathered on what recruiters, as well as job seekers, need to know.

  1. To Prove My Expertise

I have worked on two companies only in departments dealing with the hiring of new resources. However, I am not limited to work outside the workstation. I have participated in interview panels involving different employers in different fields. I got enough knowledge and thus created this blog to help and share it.

  1. Fill the Gap

When starting this blog, there were very few blogs on jobs. I have always admired to make a difference by being an exception. The urge drove me to create this blog to fill the existing gap.

  1. Opportunities Creation

In the 21st century opportunities have to be created. As I said earlier, I wanted to prove my expertise. By writing appealing posts, I knew I could get opportunities to participate in workshops and conferences involving recruitment and employees welfare. I have not mentioned those live TV panels and college career talks.

In conclusion, I believe I will achieve the objectives. If a generation of income is possible through this blog, then be it. It will be passive, and its automation cannot equal to the time I will spend writing different posts. Of importance is to reach a big audience and in particular, those who need my service!