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Do you like to receive spontaneous, genuine compliments?

What is the greatest compliment a writer wishes to receive?

I would firstly like more comments rather than likes no-one seems to comment on things anymore take my blog now i have over 14,000 however, not many comment?? Go figure has everyone gone mute?

I would love to hear that they were mesmerized by my words and that they couldn’t stop reading until they had reached the end. Maybe that they just had to reread it one more time every so often? That’s probably getting greedy though, haha.

wow almost the same as what others said. I met a lot of people after I wrote about my dog’s perineal hernia, at times, there are people I do not know who will approach me and told me they read my article and they were inspired by my story, and some even asked me about my dog if he is doing fine now.

But there are compliments that really leaves a mark to me "some one said my writing style is simple and yet It’s simplicity became its advantages" and " you are amazing with words".

I like the fact that people approach you about your article! That truly shows that they’ve taken notice of it. Sometimes, simplicity is the best! It gets through! Thanks for coming by!

Yes! When they start asking you to create a sequel, you know you’ve done well. I’ve had short stories that I intended to be stand alone pieces and my readers have begged for those works to be serialized.

For me, the greatest compliment is when someone says I’ve written something that touched them emotionally or evoked a special memory of feeling. I’m not a technical writer. SEO is not something I enjoy. My best writing occurs when I allow myself to feel something and then write about it. It’s not the same for all writers. But oh how good it feels when someone says they "felt" it.

The greatest compliment I wish to receive is that "I got their attention". If I get someone’s attention they may or may not agree with me, or may or may not have been helped. Of course, I always wish for agreement and to offer help, but before those can happen, I must have gotten their attention.

Oh yes, to make a person think so much that they came to a "new realization" that I was not even hoping for or aspiring too — that is the most wonderful. I got their attention and I made them think, and they came to a conclusion about something.

To say this gives me a sense of wonder about the writing world and the human interchange. Alas, though, that is too much to hope for. The most common and fundamental thing I hope for is that I actually get someone’s attention.

To read about the positive effects of my very private experiences on Bipolar Disorder and to be of some sort of inspiration and light to those who suffer from the illness, not yet enjoying from a healthy and stable life.

I love it when someone has shared my work.. but I think I would totally amazed and honored if someone would want to make a movie out of my novel. .. This is a great question.. so many great answers here..

Being read and shared is a great tribute in itself. For me the dream compliment would be when someone who has read the piece find something entertaining, connecting, inspiring, thrilling, puzzling, beautiful or humorous in it. I suppose in some way we writers are trying to connect with the reader. whichever way this connection is expressed is always a compliment!

The unexpected compliment I have noticed with my writing (not necessarily on HP) is the many different perspectives and insights drawn from a singular text, even things I never intended in the writing but somehow it sprang to life in the reader. It’s strange that your writing can be something different or form new facets of thought in the minds of readers. For this reason I feel that people who study and practice the craft of writing present others with their gift for words and concepts.

For me I love that they enjoyed what I wrote however it means a lot when it has helped them in their life some way . Maybe in their travels or escaping an abusing husband / found a job or saved their pet from fleas and ticks or made money helping others

I guess it’s when people start telling others about how your piece of writing inspires them. To me, that is, and should be the goal of every writer– to inspire and influence the choices other people make, all for the betterment of society and humanity.

I had the great honor of hearing author Armistead Maupin speak on Thursday night (5/16/13). After he spoke, the audience was able to ask him questions. I didn’t really have a question for him, but I told him that I reread all of his books at least once, if not twice, per year. He grinned and responded that I had given him the best compliment a writer can receive which is his/her books are so powerful that fans reread them.

How To Praise Someone Professionally For Their Work

A work environment that is filled with praise rather than criticism will have workers who are ready to go the extra mile for the success of the organization. If you want to know how to praise someone professionally and officially, the following list will be helpful.

4. We are immensely grateful to have someone willing to do all it takes to get the job done excellently. Although this task is demanding, we were sure that you will meet up with the challenge.

8. Many people were given this task, but they failed because they were focused on the challenges involved. You, on the other hand, were focused on solutions and you excelled. Well done!

10. One of the most valuable assets of any company is a selfless employee. Businesses dream of having selfless workers like you. Thank you for your tremendous service to this company.

How To Say You Did A Great Job

Progress is important in any organization and one way to know that is through the progress of the workers. You know the progress of your workers by simply telling them they did a great job. By acknowledging their progress through positive feedback, you provide an incentive for them to do better at their tasks.

However, it is not enough to say you did a great job. Sometimes, that can be too casual. So, creative ways on how to praise someone professionally by learning how to say you did a great job in effective and interesting ways.

6. It is refreshing to talk to someone with a different and fresh perspective on things. Your ideas on how to reach our target make it a wonderful experience to work with you. Keep the creativity coming!


65 Official Compliments | How To Praise Someone Professionally for Their Work


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